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The organization started in March 2000 as a forum whereby a group of women would meet to support one another through prayer and counseling. These prayer/support sessions were held every Tuesdays at one of the group member’s house. As the number of people attending the sessions grew, the Tuesdays meeting could no longer address the needs of all members in that one session. The support group members would donate useful items like clothes, especially for children, so that they could be given to other people in need. With activities being added, this actually compelled the forum to become a formal organization so as to be more effective in the community and make a difference in many people’s lives. The idea to register the forum as an organization started in 2003 and in July 2004 the action to apply for registration was put in motion. In January 2005 the organization got registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development: South Africa.


Break-Through Centre’s main objective is: To fight the impact of HIV/Aids and Poverty, in the Kathorus vicinity, by providing the programmatic care and support systems that addresses the short & long term varying needs of at-risk children/youth, mainly made vulnerable by HIV/Aids, by availing the following community services:


  • Psycho-Social Support & Care
  • Educational support
  • Youth Development Programmes
  • Poverty Alleviation Programmes
  • Material support
  • Social & Behaviour Change Programmes


The aims of the above mentioned programmes are to empower the at-risk children/youth with capabilities to get out the vicious cycle of vulnerability, pain and poverty.


Break-Through Centre's secondary objective will be: To work in collaboration with other organisations whose main intention is to address the short and long term needs of the people in our community by empowering them with life-skills and availing resources that are of utmost help to them.


To be a sustainable community based centre that impacts positively on the lives of at-risk children & youth so that they become responsible, stable and emotionally balanced, and economically active citizens of our country.


To provide programmatic care and support systems that address the short & long term needs of at-risk children / youth, mainly made orphaned & vulnerable by HIV/Aids, through educational, material and psycho-social support, child protection services and life skills empowerment / mentorship programmes to empower them to get out of the vicious cycle of vulnerability, pain and poverty.


Our goals are to:


  • make a difference in an orphaned vulnerable child’s life by showing him / her the way, truth and life through an exposure to an experience and parental care that is filled with hope and successful future.
  • expose an orphaned or vulnerable child / youth to an environment conducive to learning, growth and development.


Our driver motto: “Children are a cornerstone of a nation, they are the future.  If we don’t take care of the children, we are wiping the nation.”


In striving to achieve our vision, the following values are espoused:


  • To ensure that children are protected from all types of abuse and maltreatment.
  • To add value to the South African community by staying committed in the growth and development of children.
  • To maintain a self-motivated, passionate and responsible team of care givers.
  • To support other organizations / institutions in all children-related initiatives which embrace our beliefs.
  • To continuously be under the leadership and guidance of God the Holy Spirit.
  • To continuously review our organizational objectives, in order to stay relevant and address the needs and expectations of children in our community.
  • To maintain a collaborative relationship with all stakeholders.

Board of directors

Board Chairperson

Deputy Chairperson

Board Secretary

Deputy Secretary

Board Treasurer

Programme Director

Percy Molala


  • Social Worker – community development services

Juliet Trebo


  • Participated in various Boards including but not limited to the Wholesale and Retail Education and Training Authority Board, Board of the Academy at Business (Pty) Ltd
  • Established and management an Education and Training Authority for and on behalf of the Wholesale and Retails Industry
  • Established and managed own education and training academy and consulting company
  • Providing Human Resource Development consulting services to various Government Departments, Government Agencies and Private Companies

Poppie Malatse


  • Experience in HR Management and setting up HR Policies and Procedures
  • Business Management
  • Project Management

Vusi Mkhize


  • Experience in project management of OVC-related activities and projects
  • Community development

Linda Lentle


  • MD of Business Rooted Services
  • 16 years in Business working for multi-nationals
  • Worked in petrochemicals, financial and construction materials sectors.

NtombiZodwa Latola


  • Establish and Manage an ECD Centre.
  • Experience in project management of OVC-related activites & projects
  • Training & development, project and business management, information systems

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